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After attending Adobe’s excellent Flex course, I received my ‘Certificate of Achievement’ today

Back in November, I attended the “Flex 2 – Developing rich internet applications” course in Adobe’s offices in Zaventem.

This highly recommended course covers both the general aspects of the Flex 2 technology and the Flex Builder IDE as the data and communications part using Flex Data Services.

Course contents:

Day 1 to 3: Developing Rich Client Applications

  • Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Flex 2
  • Unit 2: Getting Started with Flex Builder 2
  • Unit 3: Learning Flex Fundamentals
  • Unit 4: Handling Events
  • Unit 5: Using Simple Controls
  • Unit 6: Laying Out an Application with Containers
  • Unit 7: Laying out an Application Using Constraint-Based Layout
  • Unit 8: Using View States for Application Design
  • Unit 9: Creating Application Navigation
  • Unit 10: Customizing the Application
  • Unit 11: Using MXML and ActionScript Data Models
  • Unit 12: Exchanging Data Between Components Using Custom Events
  • Unit 13: Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService
  • Unit 14: Looping Through Data Using a Repeater
  • Unit 15: Displaying Data Using the DataGrid

Day 4 & 5: Data and Communications

  • Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Flex 2
  • Unit 2: Accessing Web Services
  • Unit 3: Introduction to Flex Data Services
  • Unit 4: Using ColdFusion Components as Remote Object Services
  • Unit 5: Using Java Classes as Remote Object Services
  • Unit 6: Validating and Formatting Data
  • Unit 7: Manipulating Complex Data
  • Unit 8: Using the Flex Message Service
  • Unit 9: Using the Flex Data Management Service
  • Unit 10: Providing XML to Controls with E4X
  • Unit 11: Uploading Files to a Server


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