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Meet Enso – and like your keyboard again…

ENSO Launcher LogoFor lots of people removing a hand from the keyboard to use the mouse is annoying, and picking through menus is slow. They prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, but these shortcuts must be memorized and can vary program to program.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a tool which allows you do do all of the above, cross-application ? Drumroll… Enter Enso

Enso Launcher costs $25, and Enso Words costs $40. Both have a 30-day free trial. For now, they work only on Windows XP — not the new Windows Vista or the Macintosh.


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Baby Mammoth Found in Siberia

A baby mammoth unearthed in the permafrost of north-west Siberia could be the best preserved specimen of its type, scientists have said.

Baby Mammoth

The frozen carcass is to be sent to Japan for detailed study.

The six-month-old female calf was discovered on the Yamal peninsula of Russia and is thought to have died 10,000 years ago.


July 12, 2007 at 13:28 2 comments

The Cloverfield hype

Cloverfield screen cap - from

Cloverfield” by JJ Abrams. Remember the names. You’re gonna hear from it again. Guaranteed.

Cloverfield is the project name for an upcoming movie, style “The Blair Witch meeting the ‘Lost’ monster during Armageddon”. It is produced by Lost co-creator and Mission: Impossible III director JJ Abrams

There’s already a big (internet-) hype around the movie, and hey, it’s only hitting the screens in January 2008…


July 12, 2007 at 09:26 3 comments

Apple soon to release iPhone Nano ?

Now this is interesting: Apple applied for a patent today that depicts an iPod-looking device with a simple clickwheel that displays numbers…much like an old rotary phone. Could it be a low-cost sibling for the iPhone?

This is all speculation, of course, but Apple does offer both a high end and a low end iPod; would a basic companion to the iPhone not make sense? Some users just want to make and receive calls, and couldn’t be bothered with all that hoity-toity “internet” stuff.


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Time Management – A personal experiment

Jerko BozikovicYesterday I attended an excellent training on Time Management, given by Jerko Bozikovic, a charismatic and convincing personal coach. Next to the numerous tips and tricks he gave us on managing our own time, one of the most interesting aspects of the training was that he made us *aware* of the fact the we control most of our own time issues.

Bottom line I noted down is:

“Don’t say you’re going to do something about it, but DO IT… Now !”.


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Apple files patent for a multi-touch mouse

A recent patent filing by Apple gives us a possible glimpse into Apple’s future tech for their Mac computer lineup. More specifically, Apple has filed to patent a multi-touch system for their mice’s shells. The application states that, “The invention relates to a configurable mouse with an extended sensing surface, which provides the mouse a customizable, programmable or adaptable way of generating inputs.”

Now, if you’re wondering how this relates to mobile tech, we’re going to justify our coverage of Apple’s mousing technology with the logic that multi-touch originated from the Apple iPhone. There, it’s kinda mobile, you happy now?


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