Time Management – A personal experiment

July 6, 2007 at 12:17 Leave a comment

Jerko BozikovicYesterday I attended an excellent training on Time Management, given by Jerko Bozikovic, a charismatic and convincing personal coach. Next to the numerous tips and tricks he gave us on managing our own time, one of the most interesting aspects of the training was that he made us *aware* of the fact the we control most of our own time issues.

Bottom line I noted down is:

“Don’t say you’re going to do something about it, but DO IT… Now !”.

Having said this, I started today with my new-and-improved life :-)…

Step 1 – Email detox

Email seems to be my number one time-consuming activity, so I follow Jerko’s advise and decided to only check my emails 3 times a day:

  1. In the morning when I arrive at work
  2. Right after lunch
  3. One hour before I go home

Evidence #1:

Time Management - screenshot

I know myself, and in order not to cheat, I removed the “Get Mail” button from Thunderbird… It’s simple: Right-click on the toolbar; select “Customize” and drag the dreaded button from your toolbar back into the list. Don’t get tempted to add any more buttons :-).

Step 2 – Email distraction

Who doesn’t like their PC to shout at them as soon there’s an email coming in? And preferably your PC should do so every minute and it should do so by playing the most annoying (“original” ?) sounds ?

Hmm… I don’t (anymore 🙂 ). So, once more I followed Jerko’s advise and got rid of the disturbing notifications.

Evidence #2:

Time Management - screenshot

What’s next ?

I keep you posted (when i find the time for it 🙂 )

More info on Jerko:


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