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New Firefox v3 contains malware blocker provided by Google

If you’re one who enjoys testing out early software releases, you’ll be glad to know Mozilla has made the next alpha release of its upcoming Firefox 3 browser, code-named Gran Paradiso, available for download.

Among the noticeable security features debuting in alpha 8 is the new built-in malware protection which will use information provided by Google to flag potentially-dangerous sites, warn users trying to reach those URLs, and automatically block access to the site. Other features include a new bookmark interface which supports bookmark tagging, a new password manager interface that sits at the top of the page, and an improved auto-complete algorithm for the location bar that can match against page titles as well as URLs.

Firefox 3 is due for release before the end of the year. You can get more information from the Gran Paradiso release notes.

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MUST SEE movie: BenX

Ben X

BenX is the film debut of Belgian director Nic Balthazar, and is about a young autistic boy named Ben. The only place he can be himself and where he’s able to express his real feelings is in the virtual world of Archlor. The fillm is*not* about a hardcore gamer who’s addicted to an online MMORPG game, it is about injustice, non-tolerance and so much more. Although this all sounds boring, I can guarantee you that the movie isn’t. I’m willing to refund your cinema ticket if you convince me the movie is crap !

During the 31st World Filmfestival in Montreal, Canada the film won both the ‘Grand Prix des Amériques’ award, the ‘public award’ and the ‘award of the oecumenic jury’…

Update: Nic Balthazar’s feature film debut is the Belgian Oscar entry for Best Foreign-language picture.

Update: Ben X is best-selling movie in Belgian cinema’s

Update: DVD released, you can buy it at


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It’s official: Thunderbird is go !

Thunderbirds are Go!Mozilla spins-off its Thunderbird e-mail client into a brand new organisation code-named “MailCo” and invested $3 million USD in start-up money.

The move is identical to the one made by the umbrella Mozilla Foundation in 2005 when it created Mozilla Corp. to manage Firefox. “The new organization doesn’t have a name yet, so I’ll call it MailCo here,” said Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker on her blog. “Technically, it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, just like the Mozilla Corporation.

MailCo is the result of internal talks and public discussion about the future of Thunderbird that began in July. Then, Baker, who also chairs the Foundation, said that because Firefox was Mozilla Corp.’s first priority, it had to “let go” of Thunderbird.


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Quicktime bug dangerous for Firefox users

Quicktime logoA researcher has demonstrated how a security bug in Apple’s QuickTime media player that was disclosed a year ago can cause Firefox to install backdoors and other malware on a fully patched computer. He said both Windows and Mac systems are vulnerable.

The researcher, Petko D. Petkov, on Wednesday posted proof-of-concept code that shows how the exploit can be used to run privileged code on an unwitting user’s machine.


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Google Phone Confirmed By HTC Insider

Crunchgear has the exclusive on the “upcoming” Google Phone, supposedly set to launch in Q1 2008. His source is someone inside HTC, the company that Google’s working with to pick one of 20 models to finalize their design.

On the software side, they’re going to build a special version of Google Maps (complete with GPS), as well as have Gmail and Calendar compatibility. It’s most likely going to have Google Docs compatibility too, but that wasn’t specified. What’s even cooler is that Google Talk, their free VoIP app, will be part of the suite. The OS could be Windows Mobile 6, or it could be a Linux-based OS, which would be even more interesting.


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Latest version of Google Earth has hidden Flight Simulator ! (no joke)

As you all probably know, Google released their latest version of Google Earth (4.2) a couple of days ago. One of the nice things in this version (see one of the earlier posts), was the possibility to view star maps (Google Sky).

But… there was more, we just found out ! First of all, download the latest 4.2 version of Google Earth.

There is a fully working and in fact amazing Flight Simulator built-in ! Now THAT is what I call an Easter Egg !

To activate the hidden flight simulator, press Ctrl-Alt-A, and select your plane. I also notice that — once you pressed the secret key combination — the Tools menu suddenly has a new “Enter Flight Simulator…” option.


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