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What will 2008 bring ?

While 2007 was the year of Apple’s iPhone (which *still* isn’t available in Belgium 😦 ) and Microsoft’s failure to take over Adobe’s Flash, I believe it’s going to be an even more exiting 2008…

My personal views:

2008 will be the year of RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications) and technologies such as Flex will boom.

The penetration of Flash players will increase even more, and this is partly the result of many online applications popping up such as Adobe’s Kuler, Share and recently purchased BuzzWord. As soon as Adobe releases it’s online versions of Photoshop and Premiere, even more people will upgrade to the latest Flash player.

If you’re asking me, Adobe is playing it very smart… By releasing these fancy online tools — free of charge ! — people will get exposure to the Flash/Flex technology and, at the same time Adobe “forces” all users to upgrade to the latest version of Flash.

Lot’s of new (Web 2.0) sites will pop-up

Using the power of viral marketing and teasers, lots of new sites are beeing prepped for their big launch in January.

A few to watch out for: Singularity and both registered to Aral Balkan… (fyi: Aral has about 135 domains registered on his name !?)

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RIP Netscape…

RIP NetscapeNetscape Navigator, the world’s first commercial Web browser and the launch pad of the Internet boom, will be pulled off life support Feb. 1 after a 13-year run.

Its current caretakers, Time Warner Inc.’s AOL, decided to kill further development and technical support to focus on growing the company as an advertising business. Netscape’s usage dwindled with Microsoft Corp.’s entry into the browser business, and Netscape all but faded away following the birth of its open-source cousin, Firefox.

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Achmed the (dead) Terrorist singing – Jingle Bombs

Have you heard of Achmed, the (dead) Terrorist ? No ? Check him out….

Now you have been introduced to Achmed, listen to his very nice Christmas song “Jingle Bombs”…

Oh, by the way, Merry Xmas !

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Ships with sails… a ‘new’ evolution ?

Ship with SkySailsSome nice ‘new’ technology is being promoted to reduce the emission on CO2. While I’m all *pro* cutting back on CO2 and other poor-Mother-Earth-saving initiatives, this one caught my attention for a different reason.

Ship with fockWhat strikes me is that these guys are promoting an “invention” which isn’t that new at all… Hey, thousands of years ago people already figured out how to propel a ship with sails. In fact, modern sailing ships have a similar kite-type-sail, called a “fock” (mind the writing :o) )…


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Fuji Xerox presents full-color electronic paper

Electronic paper on displayFuji Xerox has just rolled out a prototype of a color electronic paper which is compliant with an optical writing system, boasting a high level of brightness, contrast, color strength as well as rewriting speed.

This electronic paper is constructed using reflective color liquid crystals which were developed by using the selective reflection effect of cholesteric liquid crystals. There are a total of three layers in all – red, green and blue, and each of them are laminated to enable full-color display. Guess displays are getting more and more flexible these days, making the day when we can see flexible electronic banners flapping about in the wind at least one day closer.

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