Ships with sails… a ‘new’ evolution ?

December 17, 2007 at 13:20 Leave a comment

Ship with SkySailsSome nice ‘new’ technology is being promoted to reduce the emission on CO2. While I’m all *pro* cutting back on CO2 and other poor-Mother-Earth-saving initiatives, this one caught my attention for a different reason.

Ship with fockWhat strikes me is that these guys are promoting an “invention” which isn’t that new at all… Hey, thousands of years ago people already figured out how to propel a ship with sails. In fact, modern sailing ships have a similar kite-type-sail, called a “fock” (mind the writing :o) )…

Anyway, the company who invented the big kite is SkySails.

The SkySails-System generates two to three times the thrust compared to sail-based propulsion systems secured to masts. This means you can reach higher speeds, save fuel and extend your super yacht’s range. Yachts fitted with SkySails perform as comfortably at sea as sailing yachts, but without the troublesome heeling. This way even motor yacht owners can “sail“ noiselessly and without producing any harmful emissions.


Over the last two years the SkySails-System has been fully developed on the “Beaufort“, SkySails’ 55 meter and almost 800-ton testing ship. The test results show that because of the high performance of the SkySails propulsion, fuel savings of up to 1200 liters per day can be made on ships of this size by using only an 80-square-meter towing kite. “Correspondingly, and based on the latest testing results, towing kites with double the surface area can save up to 2400 liters of fuel a day,” reports SkySails managing director Stephan Wrage.



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