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Dubai to feature rotating tower

Those guys really have nothing else to do then spend money, don’t they ?

Latest architectural news from Dubai is a rotating skyscraper

Wind Power, David Fischer, Twirling Tower, Chicago

While David Fisher’s Twirling Tower is not the first rotating tower we’ve spotted (Dubai Tower Clocks the Sun), and not the first that generates power from the wind (Wind Shaped Kinetic Pavilion), it’s definitely the first to pack this type of power. Designer David Fisher claims his Twirling Tower can not only generate enough energy to power itself, but it will also generate enough energy to power ten additional buildings similarly sized. While details on the tower’s true ability to generate electricity have not been proven, we are definitely a fan of those willing to search out new ideas.

Wind Power, David Fischer, Twirling Tower, Chicago

What differentiates David’s Tower from other moving towers is the integration of a large wind turbine sandwiched between each floor giving the tower its potential for energy. Inserted at every other floor, the turbines alone might be enough of an energy generator to stop residences heads from spinning, giving the penthouse owners at the top of the building the ability to control their view rotating to their hearts content. One might imagine that such a unique tower would be destined for the Dubai skyline, but Fischer plans to build this tower in a place only fitting of its energy potential, in the windy city of Chicago.

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Firefox means party time

Many good reasons to party today:

  1. Today at 19:00 Brussels time, Firefox 3 will be rerady for download
    We’ve waited for it a long time, but it was worth the wait !
  2. A new Guiness World record will be setDownload Day 2008
    At the moment of writing,
    more than 4.6 million people
    have actually downloaded Firefox3…
    Check out the live counter at
  3. Firefox 3.1 is coming !
    The development schedule of Firefox 3.1 indicate that we can expect a first Alpha version as soon as July
    The project’s name is ‘Shiretoko’, named after a Japanese national park.
    Some nice features are in there, make sure to check ’em out !

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