iPhone coming to Belgium on July 11th (again)

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Apple\'s iPhone 3G

UPDATE 08/07: Press conference @ Mobistar at 15:00

  • The phone *will* be available as of July 11th
  • This very same day, and as of midnight in the Mobistar shop located in the Avenue de Toison d’Or in Brussels. (Only) 250 devices will be for sale.
  • Mobistar was not allowed to show or demo the iPhone before July 11th
  • There will be a portal site which will be preinstalled on the device
  • The device will *not* SIM-locked, (… “but SIM-locking is not forbidden” according Mobistar)
  • The price turns out to be very high:
    8Gb model: black 525 EUR inc VAT
    16Gb model: black or white 615 EUR inc VAT
    Note that all these devices will be NOT SIM-locked, *without* Mobistar contract but with warranty and after-sales service.
  • Initially, there will be a limited no. of devices on stock and sales will be limited to 1 device per buyer.
  • There will be 4 special iPhone tariff-plans:
    1) 30 EUR inc VAT: 3 h communication or 300 SMS, 200 Mb data
    2) 45 EUR inc VAT: 6 h communication or 600 SMS, 500 Mb data
    3) 60 EUR inc VAT: 9 h communication or 900 SMS, 1 Gb data
    Minimal 24 month contracts
    4) Business: 25 EUR excl VAT 1h communication 1Gb data
  • As of July 11th, iTunes 7.7 will be available from Apple, needed to sync the device

UPDATE 04/07: Mobistar (the Belgian operator) announced tonight that the scheduled press meeting of July 4th (tomorrow) has been cancelled. The press meeting was supposed to inform us about the Belgian release date and prices. The given reason was that Mobistar hasn’t been able to get everything ready by tomorrow.

Exactly 706 years after the Flemish people won from the French invaders during the Guldensporenslag, Apple promises to release the much-hyped iPhone 3G in Belgium.

Mobistar logo

But… (there’s always one)… as far as we can see it will be sim-locked, and at this moment Mobistar will be the only provider selling this nifty piece of technology.

Check out Apple’s official release information at http://www.apple.com/benl/iphone.

What is all this going to cost ?

This is where it get’s cloudy. I spoke to an official Apple Store employee today, and she confirmed the cost would be around €200 for an 8Gb iPhone.


  1. Rumour goes however that we’r emore likely going to pay €499 for an 8 Gb model and up to €569 for the 16Gb model… This same source indicates that we’ll have to wait until September to get our hands on a new iPhone…
  2. The same source and a Mobistar reselleer confirmed that Mobistar will hold a Press Release this Friday July 4th (What’s the deal with all these Celebration days ??) on prices and availability.

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