Run Internet Explorer 6 and 7 next to each other

October 22, 2008 at 10:11 Leave a comment

So… you’re a web developer and you MUST test your creations on Internet Explorer.

That’s a fact of life. So, get over the shock (You’re all Firefox users, right ?), and start fiddeling around on your tweaked PC, and… horror… find out that you only have Internet Explorer 6 installed. Darn… and your customer reported he’s using Internet Exploder 7 (sorry for the typo’s 🙂 )…

No problem,  just upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. Tadaaaa…. You’re done. Right ? Not.

Aaaargh… you just realized after rebooting (installing a browser actually requires you to… reboot ??) that the good (?) old (!) Internet Explorer 6 has vaporised from your system !!! Not nice.

Multiple IEsFortunately, we’re not the only ones with this problem.

Drumroll… Enter “MultipleIEs”…

The nice folks at Tredosoft released a tool that allows you toinstall multiple Internet Exploders (I do it again… ah, these typo’s) on your machine.

Oh, and if you haven’t made the mistake of upgrading already to IE7, they also have a solution to install IE7 as a standalone browser next to your existing IE6…

Check it out !


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Why didn’t I think of this ? :o) Fancier than a multi-touch user interface ? Check this out…

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