GoogleSync or NuevaSync ? Let’s give GoogleSync a try…

March 3, 2009 at 16:27 Leave a comment

UPDATE 04 March: I’m switching back to NuevaSync for now… Main reason: my contacts don’t sync well with Google (I use Zindus). Stay tuned.

Until today I’ve always been a happy NuevaSync user. A very happy user indeed.

Their service not only is free, but it also works fast and is rather stable.

On Feb 9, Google announced the release of their own GoogleSync solution, also using the native ActiveSync Exchange protocol, Microsoft kindly (well, kind of :o) ) provided to Apple.

Since that day, I started doubting whether or not to stay with NuevaSync. Today, I switched. Mainly to check out the Google “native” solution, and… I must be honest… because I didn’t like the fact that NuevaSync keeps switching colours of my calendars. (“I want to be blueeeee !! and not purple 🙂 )

So, how do yo do this ?

Set Up for iPhone

Activating GoogleSync was easy.

The instructions Google published work just fine, and if you got it working with NuevaSync, you will notice the similarities.

Basically, only the server (= and the userid /password fields are different.

Link: GoogleSync

Some caveats & tips

  1. Certificate warning
    The instructions don’t mention a word about the certificate check warning you get when you use an email address which is not the “” (default). No worries though, just click OK and the warning goes away.
  2. Per default, only one calendar is selected for sync.
    After checking the Q&A’s on the Google support site, I found how to select up to 5 calendars.
    It’s very simple (Note: you need to have activated GoogleSync already) :

    1. Fire up your iPhone and surf to
    2. Log in and select your device
    3. Tick the calendars and hit “Save”
  3. When it complains that your version is not supported
    (seems to be cause if your GoogleAccount is set to another language then English), click on “Change Language” below and choose English. Drumroll… Tadaa ! Now it works.
  4. Warning!
    Google Sync will erase the existing contacts and calendar(s) on your iPhone before it syncs your calendar. Back up your stuff in case this doesn’t work out. You can choose to only sync the calendar if your contacts are not really up to date.
  5. Switch to push
    The most sexy feature of all, and my reason to opt for NuevaSync initially is the fact that GoogleSync offers realtime; two-way and over-the-air push (OTA) synchronisation. Obviously, this only works (good) if you activate Push on your iPhone. Notz: it might decrease your battery life a bit, but Man… isn’t this OTA synching sexy ??

Things I’d like to see in the future:

I hope Apple is reading 🙂

  • Enable to fix the colors of the calendars (!)
  • Break the 5 calendar barrier (I guess Apple needs to help out here)
  • Add mail synching (if possible non-GMail email too via e.g. IMAP bridge)

Notes on my setup:

I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird and the excellent Lightning Calendar plug-in to manage my calendars on my desktop.

Thunderbird is also my “master” source contacts repository and I keep my work and company Thunderbird instances synced using Plaxo. So, I need to find a decent Thunderbird to Google Contacts tool. Anyone ?

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