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iPad weirdness and wishes

Yep… I bought myself an iPad !


  • It doesn’t charge from my standard USB port !?
    Yes it does !!! It’s “only” tells you it’s not 🙂 Checkout this FAQ for the full story
  • I only see one agenda in my (Google)Calendar ?
    Mmm… an “undocumented feature” or rather a bug ? Checkout this FAQ for a fix.
  • OK, you spent 30 EUR on a protective film and… there are specs of dust under it !
    No problem… Make IT Work to the rescue again !


  • A flashy “Gelaskin”

    They make you iPad look “arty” by providing very nice illustrated skins *with* matching wallpaper…

    Oh, and iPhones or laptops too 🙂

    Too bad they don’t include a screen protector film.

    Check out the 80+ designs of skins at

  • A decent anti-glare screen protector !

    The guys at Power Support seem to offer the best quality, although the price is “high quality” too: nearly 30 EUR including shipping !?
    But… you should finally be able to use your iPad on that sunny terrace, without having to stare at your own face or blinding yourself or your neighbor constantly…

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