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Bi-directional Sync between Thunderbird/Lightning and Google Calendar — Now with free tips a tricks :-)

The end resultWho hasn’t been looking for a long time for a rock solid calendaring system, accessible both at home, work and when traveling ?

When Google Calendar appeared, it looked very promising… with tools like GooSync, you could sync your Google Calendar with your mobile phone/PDA, but not yet to your desktop client (Thunderbird/Lightning) to do your email / organisation…

Queue Lightning, the calendaring extension for Thunderbird which brings the desktop email application one1 step closer to becoming a viable alternative to Microsoft Outlook.



September 26, 2008 at 12:04 29 comments

So, have you downloaded Google Chrome yet ?

To be honest, I tried to do so

I was able to download the installer just fine, but since I’m stuck behind a company firewall, the installer can’t get  to the actual installer .exe file. (more…)

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GoogleDrive: drive around in Google Maps – useless but fun :-)

The Homer carThis great piece of Flash code allows you to actually drive around Google Maps.

Give it a try: enter a city, click on the map to activate it and use the arrow keys to drive around.


Great fun !

April 30, 2008 at 12:32 Leave a comment

Google prepares the ultimate GPS navigation tool

Google Maps with StreetView links

You knew about StreetView, right ? Well, Google has now integrated their fancy 360° photo gimmick into their Google Maps navigation tool; meaning you can now get StreetView images while getting directions.

To give it a try, just open and get the directions between two locations (Tip: use US locations, since they are already covered by StreetView…)

Question now is who (and when) will release a mobile navigation device for use in your car with this function ?

More details and source:

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Het Diabolo Project

Update: Foto’s, foto’s en nog eens foto’s

Sattelietbeeld DiaboloIndien je – net zoals ondergetekende – in de buurt van de luchthaven “Brusssels Airport” woont, zal je er alvast iets van gemerkt hebben: Er staat ons ‘t een en ‘t ander te wachten op en rond de Haachtsesteenweg, de E19 en Brucargo.

UPDATE: Ik heb een GoogleEarth KMZ bestand gemaakt met alle details, en een tweede met bovenstaand inplantingsplan als overlay.

UPDATE 04/2008: Bekijk zeker deze website eens:, een website met veel informatie en foto’s over het Diabolo project.

Eind oktober 2007 startten de werken van het Diabolo project, de “Noordelijke onstluiting van de luchthaven”. Bedoeling is om tegen Februari 2012 alles afgewerkt te hebben.


March 10, 2008 at 13:10 3 comments

Finally: An official Google Calendar Outlook Sync tool

First of all: I hate Outlook.

But… Previous(successful) attempts to sync both my employer’s Netscape Calendar, my Google Calendar and my HTC PDA are as follows (no, don’t laugh):

  1. I sync my employer’s calendar server with an old Qtek 2020 PDA
    (The Netscape Calendar server at work can only sync to old Pocket PC 2003 devices… )
  2. I then run a tool on the good old Qtek called GooSync to sync my employer’s calendar with Google
    (GooSync is nifty tool, but the freeware version is limited to about 3 weeksof sync window…)
  3. I then run the same GooSync tool  on my new HTC phone and I end up with 3 nicely synched calendars: Netscape at work, my 2 PDA’s and Google Calendar
    (FYI: In GooSync I’m using another userid/password but pointing to the same Google Calendar)

As you can see, not really flexible… Which makes me start to *tolerate*Outlook :o)…

This morning, I stumbled across Google Calendar Sync, which allows you to sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Hmmm… Interesting.

So, I decided to give it a try and yes… 5 minutes later my Google and Outlook (yuk) calendar are up-to-date.

But… where does it leave me with my calendar sync on my HTC ?

It’s only a partial success: I got rid of the GooSync tool on my HTC device and can now sync nicely using ActiveSync without the limitation of Goosync. But… I still need to manually (Goo)Sync my Qtek 2020 with Google in order to get my employer’s meeting bookings.

If anyone out there has a solution, let me know :o)

March 7, 2008 at 14:31 3 comments

Google gives birth to an android

It really looks like we can pick up your  Google-powered phone in the latter half of 2008.

At its core, Android forms the basis for Google’s operating system and supporting software for phones.Google / Android

Open Handset AllianceAndroid will deliver a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.

On November 12, Google/Android will release an early look at the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow developers to build rich mobile applications.

Check out the Open Handset Alliance website.


November 9, 2007 at 11:09 1 comment

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